Oyster Card

I didn’t have time to use it, but I got this Oyster Card out of a TfL ticket vending machine at Heathrow Terminal 4 for £5. The info counter could only sell me the same for £20 (£5 deposit + £15 purse value).

Photo of Oyster Card

Oyster Card 2019

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My first post on sabre23t.micro.blog was today.

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On Salvation

Very heartfelt story.

A Cartographer's Story

Cartographer’s Story #1, by Daniel P. Huffman

Let me tell you about how I was saved by maps.

I used to be a chemist some years ago. I worked at a mom & pop pharmaceutical laboratory in my home town of Kalamazoo, Michigan. From the time I was ten or eleven, I had planned on this job. I blame Mr. Wizard — I loved watching all the seemingly magic things he could do with brightly-colored liquids in test tubes. Now that I had my childhood dream job, however, I was disillusioned. There was no magic, there was only routine humdrum. The work was hard, it was stressful, and it was frequently dull. I started the slide into depression. I came home every day feeling far too tired for the number of hours I was working. Time off seemed fleeting, and I spent the whole weekend worried about the fact that Monday…

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Sabre23t on WordPress.com

Now on sabre23t.wordpress.com.

See also www.sabre23t.com

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AF4 – Autofocus Version 4

Mark Forster have just finalized the latest version of his all in one task management system, Autofocus Version 4 (AF4). It is much simpler than GTD and seems more suited to the way I work. Perhaps you’ll find it is the same for you. 😉

I originally implemented earlier Autofocus as prescribed by Mark, manually writing the list in a paper notebook. For this AF4, I chose to implement it web-based, for easy access from all my web devices including my Treo Pro. Currently, I’m doing AF4 using Google docs spreadsheet. More about that later …

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Is Papago R5800 my next GPS device?

This Papago R5800 (RM899) device goes head to head with top end Garmin Nuvi 765 (RM1299)  on features. It has junction views. It has lane assist. And it has the main advantage that Garmin devices  held so long in Malaysia/Singapore, that is free regularly updated maps from local mapping community such as Malfreemaps.

I had a “wait-n-see” stand on R5800 all this while. But after this whole hearted endorsement for Papago maps/devices by Antyong, I’ve moved that stand to “buy-with-spare-fund”. 😉

See also, sabre23t’s papago Bookmarks.

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Why Klang bus users do not want to go via Klang Sentral

Randy Lee Rahardjoe on 23apr09 asked “I cant find a reason why the Klang folk should skip the better facility in ther new terminal

One reason is they find it much quicker to get from Klang to KL Sentral, by waiting at bus stop P2.5 (just outside old Klang Utara terminal) and going direct via Tol Sg Rasau. Instead of much longer route going to Klang Sentral and then taking the bus from there to KL Sentral. The map below might make it clear to those not staying in Klang. 😉

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