IT's Top Ten Things

The following are the top ten things for a prospective successful IT manager to remember, according to Bill Vass, the CIO of Sun Microsystems.

  • Rule 1: Open Systems Succeed
  • Rule 2: Proprietary Systems Fail
  • Rule 3: Separation of Logical Layers
  • Rule 4: Standards Matter
  • Rule 5: What’s Old is New
  • Rule 6: Technology is not “The” Problem
  • Rule 7: Know Your Estimation Factor
  • Rule 8: You Manage What You Measure
  • Rule 9: Best is not Better
  • Rule 10: Nothing in Life (or IT) is Easy
Bill Vass, CIO of Sun Microsystems, joined Sun as an IT vice president four years ago. Prior to joining Sun, Vass provided CIO oversight for software systems in the Department of Defense (DoD), the Pentagon, and all infrastructure groups. Bill also acted as the DoD’s CTO.

More in CIO Update article on 4 Nov 2004 .


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