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Subtle Flirt?

Yeah, those sly mysterious smiles always gets me. 😉 Ewok says: I found out I’m a subtle flirt. How I become one, I have no idea. I don’t even know decent pick-up lines and now I know how to flirt? … Continue reading

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Earthquake Tremors in Klang

The tremors tonight at about 12.35 local time for about 5 minutes, was similar to the one I felt as the 26 Dec 05 one that triggered the tsunami. Just a slight shaking of the bed, and swinging of hanging … Continue reading

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Favourite Icons

Yep, this “favicon.ico” is one of the next thing I’ll do. In fact, I’m imagining a 16×16 icon of stylized yellow “S” on violet background. I’d have lo learn/find an editor that will create it next. The favourite icon will … Continue reading

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Malaysia Directories

Directories of web sites are more common than wikis. So I next thought of searching for those directories with Malaysia specific contents. What I found, are sorted below, according to total number of sites listed: Malaysia CARI – maintained by … Continue reading

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Malaysia Wikis

Visa blog regarding “Project Wiki Public Directory”(Startwiki) that is intended to be “the most complete yellow pages or public directory in Malaysia” prompted me to look for existing wikis focussing on Malaysia content. What I found, are sorted below, roughly … Continue reading

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Lionel rave prompted me to have a look at Bloglines. It certainly looks interesting. Here’s my public subscriptions so far. Bloglines – Lionel, 18 Mar 2005. “I’m surprised myself, that Bloglines changed my websurfing habits completely and immediately. A time … Continue reading

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Wikipedia hits half million article mark

The Inquirer, Thursday 17 March 2005, 15:29 says: ONLINE ENCYCLOPAEDIA the Wiki is close to reaching half a million English articles online. […] According to its English page, here, there are currently 499,690 English articles on the resource. Wikipedia Press … Continue reading

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