Raid 5

Amongst other things our Raid 5 fileserver failed to reboot today, 2 of our 5 disks in the array failed. And our tape backup over last weekend didn’t complete, so had to fall back on 1 week old backup. And big boss wanted a report that was stored on that fileserver. And the particular user choose to store her only copy of the report on that fileserver, and no copy on her notebook. Looks like I’ll be needing to do some nifty explanation soon. :-/

The top google search for “raid 5 server” and “raid data recovery malaysia” currently gives …

  • Raid 5 server died… – telling of this story “We actually had 3 with 1 hot spare….so, when the first drive was removed, he was like, “cool, it works” then grabbed another and, here we are….” and “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. You are now experienced in RAID5 in that it can sustain a single drive failure, not two. With your defined hot spare, you could have survived two drive failures, although not at the same time.”
  • ADRC – Data Recovery Specialist in Malaysia.

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