PC Lifespan and Replacement

Should we change from typical write-off period of 5 years to replacement cycles of 4 years?

  • PC Lifespan and Replacement – Mike Barger’s guidelines under Creative Commons copyright recommending, “Increase the replacement life cycle for newly purchased … PCs to 4 years … offers the best mix of lower initial purchase cost with extended time between PC purchases … represents the lowest overall cost of ownership.” He included computer replacement cost over 15 years comparison for different replacement cycles, and computer technology changes over 10 years.
  • Upgrade or Replace? What to do With an Older Computer System – distinguishes between functional lifespan of computers, “as long as the parts that comprise the system work … anywhere from 10 years or more”, and useful lifespan of computers, “anywhere from 3 to 6 years depending upon the configuration of the computer at the time of purchase”. The articles suggests when “the cost of upgrading is 75% or higher than the cost of replacement for a better system, consider replacement.”

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