Earliest Putra Train?

This must be one of the earliest Putra LRT Train built. No train numbers. And that station doesn’t look like any one of the 24 stations on RapidKL’s Putra LRT Line.

That Tripod site also includes some other early photos and project sketches of the Putra project. The webmaster is Emrull Iqbarullah.


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4 Responses to Earliest Putra Train?

  1. Shin says:

    Hmm, central platform itself is already very rare in KL. The background doesn’t look like Malaysia at all.

    Heard from some friends that Katherine Chew of Rabbit KL once said they are going to build trailers (coaches with no motive power) locally and fit them between the two cars of our current Bombadier ART2 EMUs, anyone can confirm that ?

    Both Star and Putra’s logos look nicer than Rabbit KL, kesian ya…

  2. sabre23t. says:

    Rapid KL, I think you meant, shin. 😉 Yep, only 8 out of 25 Putra stations that are above ground have central/island platform. However the picture shows an island platform at grade (on the ground), found no where in KL. Most likely the station in the picture is somewhere in Canada, where the original supplier, Bombardier, came from.

  3. aznor_atid says:

    The picture taken was from a website that published all new railway and metro projects around the world. It could be a composite photo that was created for advertorial and campaign purpose since the picture had been published in the website long before the project was completed (checked it my self previously). It could be a composite photo of a test track in Canada and composited by putting commuters on the platform. It is most definetly not from KL. The same website also gives and artise impression of more lavish setiawangsa station, which was later cut down and simplified to cut cost.
    Ever wonder why are the stations in PJ area are bigger and nicer compared to the Ampang and Keramat areas? Both streches are completed before and after the kegawatan.

  4. Emrull Iqbarullah says:

    The website I’ve been built is as experimental during school.
    Fortunatelt now govt a pulling for better public transport usage.

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