Who do I Blog for?

For my readers, few though they may be. For my kids, who’ll remember what I wrote when I don’t. For my staff, who’ll remind me of the nice things a boss I said should do. For other bloggers, who read and trackback my stuff.


About sabre23t

An analyst, researcher, civil engineer & information technologist working in a transportation company.
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2 Responses to Who do I Blog for?

  1. Andreas says:

    Nicely said. That is what I think as well. Blo for yourself, blog for your kids and sooner or later, some peopel will start to read what you write. And than, the fun begins. But serve them well, as if they paid to read your blog and their subscription is up for renewal tomorrow. This will change your style!

  2. sabre23t. says:

    Writing “as if they paid to read your blog” would be good, *if* I’m thinking of making living at writing, which I’m not. Actually, usually writing is one of my most dreaded task that I tend to leave to the last. :-/ Blogging, may possibly reduce the dread eventually, I hope. 😉

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