Wikipedia hits half million article mark

The Inquirer, Thursday 17 March 2005, 15:29 says:

ONLINE ENCYCLOPAEDIA the Wiki is close to reaching half a million English articles online. […] According to its English page, here, there are currently 499,690 English articles on the resource.

Wikipedia Press Release 18 Mar 2005 says:

The Wikimedia Foundation announced today the creation of the 500,000th article in the English language edition of Wikipedia (, the free, open-content, multilingual encyclopedia. Wikipedia, begun on 15 January 2001, is the world’s fastest-growing, most current, and largest encyclopedia. It is listed as the fourth most popular reference website on the Internet by traffic counter and receives approximately 50 million “hits” every day

From the press release talk page and the half million pool talk page it seems the 500,000th article has been concluded to be [[Involuntary settlements in the Soviet Union]] created on 17 Mar 2005 @ 20:54:46 UTC.

Republished. First Published: 18 Mar 2005 @ 16:44 MYT.


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5 Responses to Wikipedia hits half million article mark

  1. moo_t says:

    Not a good news since wikipedia server are overwhelming now. I frequently leech google cache to dig the wikipedia articles.

    About the be lated answer for your question whether to be anonymous for a wikipedia article, it depends on the nature of the article.
    I am not afraid of leaving my wiki user name for most article, but for sensitive local issue, I turn anonymous. Better be safe than sorry.

  2. sabre23t. says:

    Yep, wikipedia tends to be occassionally slow in recent times, moo_t . But, I understand from the developers postings on Wikien-l that the number of articles is not the major factor in slow down, it’s just the number of active simultaneous editors and simultaneous readers. To serve the heavy hits requires quite a lot of hardware. That meta page shows 10 more new servers are on order. At the moment, Wikipedia seems responsive, at this early hour on Saturday MYT.

    I try to limit my online postings/articles to those that I wouldn’t be sorry to be associated with in real life. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for dropping by, moo_t.

  3. Andylkl says:

    Congrats to Wikipedia for hitting the 500K mark! =P Although the 500K topic doesn’t sound as interesting, but it’s another grain of knowledge to the encyclopedia… Cheers!

  4. sabre23t. says:

    I wonder what’s the number of Malaysia related article on Wikipedia. Do you know, andylkl? πŸ˜‰

  5. Sorry for your time…. Why i can’t see images on this resource?
    My Browser is: Opera.
    Thank you.

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