Malaysia Directories

Directories of web sites are more common than wikis. So I next thought of searching for those directories with Malaysia specific contents. What I found, are sorted below, according to total number of sites listed:

  1. Malaysia CARI – maintained by CARI Internet Sdn Bhd, has about 36,000 sites in 14 main categories.
  2. Malaysia Central – maintained by TV Smith, has about 30,000 sites in about 100 categories.
  3. Catcha Search & Directory – maintained by Catcha Sdn Bhd, has about 24,000 sites in 14 main categories.
  4. Malaysia in the Yahoo! Directory – maintained by Yahoo! Inc, has more than 7,900 sites in 17 main categoires.
  5. Open Directory Regional:Asia:Malaysia – copyright Netscape Communications Corporation, has more than 5,100 sites in 20 main categories.
  6. Malaysia Directory – maintained by Hileytech Sdn Bhd, has 3,920 sites in 21 main categories.
  7. eGuide Malaysia Regional Directory – maintained by eGuide Singapore Pte Ltd, has more than 3,500 sites in 3 main categories (industrial, commercial and consumer).
  8. Malaysia Business Directory – maintained by Ably Internet Communications Sdn Bhd, has unknown number of sites in 6 main sub-directories.
  9. asiaEP Business Community – maintained by AsiaEP Berhad, has unknown number of sites, more than 130,000 products in 12 main industry categories.
  10. Malaysia Yellow Pages – maintained by Telekom Publications Sdn Bhd, has unknown number of sites in 8 main categories.
  11. Malaysia Manufacturers Directory – maintained by Kelana Saga Sdn Bhd, has unknown number of sites in 23 main categories.
  12. Malaysia Links – selections of links in 12 main categories.

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