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KTM to implement Touch 'n Go in July

After a recent flurry of news in The Star, it seems KTM will implement Touch ‘n Go (TnG) on their Komuter trains in July 2005. Hence making three commuter trains systems (Putra, Star and KTM Komuter) in Klang valley allowing … Continue reading

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Open source Computers and Software inventory

I have a need for a software to help the guys/gals to inventorize all our PCs (now getting to 500+) including their specs and serial number. A quick google search found me an open source candidate, OCS Inventory 3.00 Final … Continue reading

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Linux SCM Saga

Scott’s nice write-up on 11 April 2005 about Linux SCM provides a nice perspective on tridge’s possible viewpoint … … I suspect that someone who didn’t know the people involved would assume that the whole mess was Tridge’s fault—he’s the … Continue reading

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Some random thoughts about random today. 😉 True Random Number Service – generates random number from atmospheric noise picked up by a radio receiver tuned to an unused frequency. The LavaRnd Random Number Generator – generates random number from chaotic … Continue reading

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Blogging No-no and Yes-yes

I’ll agree with 5xMoM’s 10 blogging no-no … 1) No to black background because it is overused … 2) No to lengthy post … 3) No to digress too much … 4) No to leaving the blog not updated for … Continue reading

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Bloglines is Down Today!

Since I discovered Bloglines on 19 Mar 2005, my public bloglines subscription has grown to 50+ feeds. It was certainly to my horror I found I couldn’t login into my Bloglines account today and my public bloglines sub giving error … Continue reading

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How to Blog Safely Unanonymously?

Is what I thought of when reading the EFF article (that Jon Choo post led me to) on How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else) published on 6 April 2005 … Blogs are like personal telephone calls crossed … Continue reading

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