Flow Chart to Solve Company Problems

A colleague recently sent me the above interesting powerpoint flow chart to solve company problems (zipped PPS file, 32KB). “Just for sharing,” she said. But now every time she utters “There Is No Problem”, we’ll be looking into her eyes wondering … 😉

  1. What she haven’t touched.
  2. What she is hiding.
  3. What she is pretending not to have seen.
  4. Who she found to blame.


  • How to battle Office Politics – tips from HR professionals.
  • If It Works, You Can Break It – by Joshua Levine, 20 December 2004. “Estonians like to look behind the thing and wonder whether there’s anything we can change about it. In Estonia you might say, if it works, you can break it.
  • Did HR Cause The Downfall of Enron? – by Dr John Sullivan touches on not hiding problems. “Employees must be able to make mistakes and then to report them rapidly. That’s how organizations learn. In reverse, having large penalties for failure can encourage secrecy and the “hiding” of mistakes, so that no one learns from them.
  • Exorcise Blame In Your Company – by Robert Bacal says we should “separate the process of blaming from the process of making things better … While Edward Deming tells us to ‘drive out fear’, we should also be prepared to ‘drive out blame’ from our workplaces. Perhaps the single most important barrier to improvement is blame“.

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