Linux SCM Saga

Scott’s nice write-up on 11 April 2005 about Linux SCM provides a nice perspective on tridge’s possible viewpoint …

… I suspect that someone who didn’t know the people involved would assume that the whole mess was Tridge’s fault—he’s the one that was working on cloning BitKeeper, even though any sane person would know that it would really piss Larry off … I’m aware of two other cases where he’s dug in and reverse-engineered similar sets of protocols and file formats. The first time, the result was Samba, which was (and still is) really one of Linux’s first killer apps. The second time, he decoded TiVo’s on-disk media format … Getting off of BitKeeper is probably best for Linux in the long run. It’s a pity we couldn’t have waited for another year or so for open-source SCM software to mature more, though …

… that I have some sympathy with.


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