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Akademi Fantasia 3 – Konsert Prelude

Now in its third season, Akademi Fantasia has started its daily show again. Out of the 20 students in the Konsert Prelude Akademi on 21 May 2005, 12 have been selected to continue for the next 3 months. Standing: Mawi, … Continue reading

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Pradonet's multicard ticketing system

Leong She-Li on 22 May 2005 reported in The Star regarding Pradonet “Going places with ticketing system”. It’s an interesting look at this small company that implemented the common ticketing system for Touch’nGo (TnG) at ERL, KTM and Monorail. Though … Continue reading

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Eclipse, Visual Studio, NetBeans and WebSphere

One of my colleagues, an experienced Visual Studio developer, recently had a look at IBM’s Websphere development environment and was enamoured by it. I think he would be interested in what the industry is saying about Eclipse (and NetBeans for … Continue reading

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Opanda's IExif plugins for IE and Firefox

Phoenix just posted in EXIF – Plugin for IE and Firefox thread on MPC forum regarding Opanda’s IExif plugin. Opanda IExif is a professional Exif viewer in Windows / IE / Firefox, From a photographer’s eye, It displays the image … Continue reading

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CardExAsia 2005 – News Reports

Following up on my earlier blog, I notices this news in the local papers about the CardExAsia 2005 event. “Don’t procrastinate, says NRD”, NST 18 May 2005 reports …    Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. … Continue reading

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CardExAsia 2005

Today I managed to squeeze some time to visit PWTC for the annual Smartcard Exhibition running on 17-19 May 2005. My impression is that this year’s is smaller than last, or it could just be my memory. Anyway, I did … Continue reading

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Mampujaya Engineers?

This advertisement in The Star 17 May 2005 StarTwo pullout caught my eyes. These “engineers” seems to be very proud of their ability to design factories to be built at a very competitive price ranging from RM66 psf to RM105 … Continue reading

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