RapidKL Fare Increase 1 May 2005

RapidKL has just increased their fares today, as announced in NST on 30 Apr 2005 in a report by Eileen Ng …

  From Sunday, commuters will have to dig a little bit deeper into their pockets when they board any RapidKL bus.
  Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd (RapidKL), the company operating stage buses within the Klang Valley, will be increasing its fares by between 20 and 50 sen from May 1.
  The new fare for travelling within a zone will be 90 sen per trip while travel between two zones will cost RM1.50.
  Trips to three zones will cost RM2 while those covering four zones will cost RM2.50.
  Fares for destinations in four zones like Klang will be tabulated at 7.2 sen for every subsequent kilometre.
  Currently, travelling within a zone costs 70 sen, while travel between two zones costs RM1.20 per trip.
  One has to pay RM1.60 for a trip to three zones while a trip to four zones will cost RM2 per trip.
  The four-level zoning system was introduced in 2000 to ensure fares were fair to promote greater use of public transportation.

… The increases are 20 sen on 70 sen for 1 zone(30%), 30 sen on RM1.20 for 2 zones (25%), 40 sen on RM1.60 for 3 zones (25%), 50 sens on RM2.00 for 4 zones(25%); so increases of about 25% overall, as shown in the table.

  • Bus fares up from tomorrow – Pauline Almeida in Malay Mail 30 April 2005 reported, “However, there is some cheer for those using the monthly Rapid bus pass as the company will be introducing a universal bus pass soon … Commuters will still be enjoying the old rate for the May bus passes which are being sold this week … Commuters will only be paying the new rates when they buy the June bus pass which will be on sale from tomorrow … the monthly bus passes are likely to be priced at RM58.50, based on RM1.50 per trip for Zone 1 (from RM47), RM78 based on RM2 per trip (from RM62) and RM97.95 for RM2.50 per trip (old rate, RM74)“.
  • Improve services to justify fare, says Khaled – The Star 30 April 2005 reported, «Entrepreneurial Development and Co-operative Minister Datuk Mohd Khaled Nordin said the operators would lose out when the public who was not satisfied with their services used other means of transportation. “That is why I have repeatedly reminded taxi drivers and express and stage bus operators that their service must be good and efficient, more so with the fare increase. The public expects value for their money. The reason why the Government has decided to allow a fare increase is because we want players in the public transportation industry to improve their services,â€? he told reporters after presenting letters of approval for taxi permits to 228 individuals and six co-operatives in Johor Baru yesterday.»
  • Taxi and bus fares going up – Lucia Lai on 7 April 2005 wrote, “I hope before the increase can be made, the authorities will check that their service will improve.
  • Bus and taxi fares to rise next month – Malaysia Today on 2 April 2005 reported, “The government announced on Thursday that fares would go up by 0.9 sen to 12 sen per kilometre. The new rates will be effective for five years.
  • Company works to meet pledge – Chin Mui Yoon in The Star 29 March 2005 reported, “Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd (Rapid KL) has reaffirmed its pledge to alleviate public transportation woes in the city within 18 months as it promised when taking over the management in Feb this year … the company is currently operating at the minimal requirements for 94 routes but needed 700 more buses to achieve its goals … One of the first steps Rapid KL has taken is to introduce a schedule of 15-minute wait times for buses on its 13 busiest routes.

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21 Responses to RapidKL Fare Increase 1 May 2005

  1. mrkiasu says:

    The service they are giving is already lousy, and now they increase the price somemore. Even the driver is sometimes so rude to us, achieve what the goal? What do they mean, they should care about their customer more first.

  2. sabre23t. says:

    Grapevine indicates that there are some who prefers to wait a while before increasing the fare (even though the govt had approved increase starting 1 May 2005). But it seems the company really needs the 25% or so increase in fare. Any specific routes that is giving you “lousy” service, mrkiasu? And you’re aware of RapidKL toll free help desk phone line at 1-800-388228 (office hours), where you can report any customer related problems, right?

    Anyway nice blog you have there mrkiasu. I’ve just added it to my bloglines sub. 😉
    regards, sabre23t =^.^=

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  4. notti says:

    increase taxes rather than fares or prices of goods/services! let the rich subsidises the poor…

    rich ppl should pay more taxes!!

  5. Shin says:

    Dear Sabre23t,

    Assalamualaikum waramatullahi wabarakatuh.

    Mrkiasu commented that RapidKL’s bus service is lousy and you are asking for evidence.

    Maybe buses that take you to office are all well-maintained and stick to time as well as the route coupled with polite drivers, I mean, if you take buses, lah…

    But as far as I know, my friend who lives in Bandar Sungai Long because her MCA-sponsored university moved there, is not as fortunated.

    The place is only served by an hourly RapidKL 22. They don’t arrive on time (for example around the 15th min every hour, but you can blame it on the traffic situation in town). But they also don’t keep to their route. So sometimes they can straight away exit the taman from their terminus without completing a circle in the housing area to pick up passengers so in the end those waiting for the bus will suffer.

    If that’s not bad enough, the interior of the old Cityliner buses is still the same even with a new coat of paint outside. I have taken a few times over the past few months and apart from once, all the other times the aircons were faulty and it’s like a sauna especially when it’s crowded.

    What about their KL terminus… Outside the A&W opposite Maybank, where Metrojaya used to be. Do you think it’s a world class design for a bus terminal which caters for all the Cheras and Kajang bound buses ? Is this what Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Seri Abdullah called as first world infrastructure ?

    Oh yeah, I have even witnessed a driver who merajuk with the RapidKL officers there who refused to go another round. The supervisor argued with him but without success. So in the end the officer just asked people to wait for the next.

    I just cite some common scenes in our Cemerlang Gemilang Terbilang everything boleh country for you to know. To have a taste of Malaysia Truly Asia I suggest you go and try that service.

    Don’t take the Metrobus 22 because it will stop at Batu 9 Cheras without entering Sungai Long.

    Oh yeah, you also mentioned that why not we go and complain. Yeah I did post my complaint in Putra’s website and Senior Manager Corporate Communications, Miss Katherine Chew replied that for the punctuality part the cannot help as it depends on the traffic in town but they will advise the drivers to follow the complete route. Increasing the frequency is also not in the pipeline until they receive their extra 200 buses later this year.

    Out of the 900 or 1000 buses RapidKL inherited from Intrakota and Cityliner, 500 are grounded because of all kinds of problems and only the remaining half are on the road. Instead of asking people why do they think the service is lousy, why don’t you first ask DRB Hicom and Renong / UEM how could they let half of their fleet become what they are today ?

    Just my two cents, have fun 🙂

  6. sabre23t. says:

    Assm WR WB, Shin 😉

    Mrkiasu commented that RapidKL’s bus service is lousy and you are asking for evidence.
    Not evidence, just specificity. I believe some routes are admitted by RapidKL’s CEO to be “lousy”. I’m wondering which ones Mrkiasu is referring to.

    What about their KL terminus… Outside the A&W opposite Maybank, where Metrojaya used to be. Do you think it’s a world class design for a bus terminal which caters for all the Cheras and Kajang bound buses ?
    Unlike RapidKL’s Putra and Star lrt stations, RapidKL’s bus terminals are not operated by RapidKL. They are operated by the relevant local authorities (DBKL, MPKj etc). So I understand.

    I did post my complaint in Putra’s website and Senior Manager Corporate Communications, Miss Katherine Chew replied
    I believe it was recently reported that RapidKL’s CEO read all these comments weekly, numbering 200+ or so each week.

    ask DRB Hicom and Renong / UEM how could they let half of their fleet become what they are today
    Why? Money? Less money spent on maintenance more money in profit, I’d guess. :-/

    Hi notti 😉

    rich ppl should pay more taxes!!
    They are, AFAIK.

    regards, sabre23t =^.^=

  7. Gladys Dawson says:

    I wish to comment about your rapid KL buses plying the routes from KL Kota Raya to Taman Sri Sentosa and Taman Sri Manja.

    Every morning we have to wait about 45 minutes to one hour for a bus.

    Already bus fare increased and buses becoming more later than ever.

    Moreover the driver is rude and annoying and because of their late service the bus stops becomes overly full of passengers and the bus driver bypasses most of the bus stops because the bus is too full.

    The drivers have to change their attitudes if they want to be drivers. They are not giving us free service and they are not doing us a favour for we are paying for our ride.

    The drivers also take the money from us and do not let us put the money into the slot because they say that the dollars get stuck. Bad enough taking the money directly from us – than not issuing tickets.

    Does this mean the RM2/- for a trip to KL for each pax at random goes into his pocket. Please ensure strict check on this procedure.

    I hope to see some improvement in your services on this route as most of us end up taking taxis to work or taking the Triton buses to the LRT stations.

    Thank you for your time.



  8. sabre23t. says:

    Thanks for your comments Gladys. Though it should be more effective to send it to RapidKL’s contacts given on the following pages …
    http://www.rapidkl.com.my/ and
    http://www.putralrt.com.my/putra/general_contact.asp .
    regards, sabre23t =^.^=

  9. Joyce says:

    I want to given comment that Rapid KL buses NO. 133,103,108,109 is always not coming, sometime want to wait 1 to 3 hours and maybe not coming, feel so sad about the Rapid KL SERVICES. ESPECIALLY the NO.133, my working place is at Jalan Sungai Besi, I only can take 133 bus but its always “missing”, is it that places no passenger? I think that is not a reason because that place have many houses, why the other type of buses can arrive on time??????? Bus fares always increase but not receive better services from yours, I just seeing buses of CHERAS LINES are always more and more, 10 minute also have 1 bus passed by, WHY?????????

  10. samantha seou says:

    i stayed in taman megah cheras and i take bus to my college everyday. bus no64 is the only bus that i can take from my place to college at kl. last time the bus came timely bus recently the buses not in service timely. sometimes i gotta wait up to ONE HOUR!!!!!!!!! IT’S ONE HOUR!!!!!!!!! why i saw other bus like 124 and 62 came frequently but not 64???!!?!?? most of the 64 buses were lousy bus!!! its air-conditioning system out of service or got problem therefore every morning got water dripping on the seats and when come to noon passangers felt like they’re inside sauna room. recently bus fare increase somemore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN SOMEBODY PLS TELL ME WHAT HAPPEN TO THE REVENUE THAT RAPID KL RECEIVED?!??!! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO THE MANAGEMENT OF RAPID KL????!!!???
    there’s only one good opinion i would like to mention here. there’s only one 64 bus driver who was responsible as a bus driver! after every trip to the last bus stand at taman megah he must clean the bus before he travel to kl again. he’ll also make sure that the air-conditioning system of the bus in good condition. everytime i get onto the bus i feel happy and grateful. i wish that every bus driver can be responsible like him.

  11. Rapidkl bus services is not rapid, is lousy. June 27, 2005 , I have waited for the bus 55A at the bus stand oposit of Tesco Puchong from 10.47am to 11.35am, unfortunately I have to ended with travelled by TAXI to my home at Taman Puchong Utama.

  12. Arumugam says:

    Improve services to justify fare.

  13. LRTUSER says:

    According to The Sun 20th July 2005, It was announced that rapidkl will be rebranding their LRT services beginning Aug 1, 2005. Impacts will include fare rise. This also include the monthly travel card which will increase from RM70 to RM 125 respectively, depending on service.

    Seems like the fare rise is too rapid for our pockets to handle.

  14. krismani says:

    We wld like to appeal to the management to reinstate the monthlyRM70/- and have another fare for using both sectors Star and Putraline. We feel this is another big dip into our tight budgets. The public should be given the option to purchase either the Starline or Putraline even though they have merged. The feeder bus service is another problem. The train alone coming on time does not mean that more people wld use this service. The feeder bus also plays an important role in getting the public to the station on time. During non-peak hours one wld have to wait at least 1 1/2 hour for the feeder bus so the public wld have to resort to other means of transportation. This delay defeats the purpose of your slogan “THE SMART WAY TO TRAVEL”. I hope the pleas of the public wld be given some consideration.

  15. Schweeney says:

    The Star LRT and RapidKL websites are both under construction as of now. Shucks!

  16. Sandra Ann says:

    Please could you reconsider the prices for those who are using only the rapid. As before the monthly pass was Rm70 . Maybe two options should be considered one for using Rapid. AS for the RM90 it saves for those using the Rapid and Star

  17. dcharmed says:

    I just want to say you go mrkiasu! you are totally right! Their services is suck, still they want us to pay more! shoot!!!

    My touch n go card wont work at lrt station… i’ve changed it 3 times… was it something wrong with my card, or the machine is the one that should be blamed? damn!!!

  18. sabre23t. says:

    “My touch n go card wont work at lrt station… i’ve changed it 3 times”
    I wonder which LRT stations are you having problems reading your TnG cards. Is it upon entry or while exiting? Did you ask RapidKL staff to check the ticket at their TnG POS machine?

  19. Marie says:

    I’ve been asking around and no one seems to be able to give me an answer except “yes” there are buses going to Puchong Utama but what bus number and which bus line they don’t know.

    One time when I was viewing the house with the agent we saw a bus number 20 going by the main road outside of Puchong 9 or is the bus driver taking a break …. lunch time maybe???

    If anyone knows the answer to the bus service to Puchong Utama I would appreciate if they email me at lovelysimm@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  20. sabre23t. says:

    Marie, you might want to use RapidKL Hotline number at 1-800-388-228 per their website http://www.rapidkl.com.my .

  21. mohd zaki says:

    Wonder here how does rapidkl buses charge their passangers?

    This morning I was waiting for a bus at Batu 3 Shah Alam and on my way to Asia Jaya. This morning I was really pissed off with this one rapidkl bus driver. Of all my experiences boarding different buses, this is the first time I was charged RM2.00 for that same journey. Ridiculous! Other bus operator charges in between RM1.20 to RM1.50 [Sutera charge RM1.20, Nasional [710] charges RM1.40 and Metro charges RM1.50] but this driver today charges me RM2.00! That’s at least 50 cents higher than any other operator! And their driver is rude and arrogant… well I guess it’s HIS bus so that’s why!!

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