Ozzies touring Malaysia

I’ve just found this nice weblog about an Australian couple, Darryn and Kip world tour 2005 that took them through Malaysia from 20 to 31 March 2005, on the way from Australia to Netherland. Some excerpts of their travel …

  • World Tour: Day 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – “We are staying in the Heritage Station Hotel, which is basically the Colonial railway station converted into a hotel … After our breakfast of a hard boiled egg, some toast and some sweet paste, we decided to walk to Chinatown which is <1km from our hotel … Although the temperature in KL, at around 30-35C is not uncomfortable, the humidity certainly is, and in my thick tshirt I was certainly noticing it … We decided at this point to do something ‘touristy’, so we went to KL Tower … We went to Little India for dinner, I had a great meal with 4 dishes for only about AUD$2.50, including drink … “.
  • Day 1, KL continued – “After my last post we went to an area called Bangsar to drink and hopefully get satay … We found a Malay/Indian place which was full of locals.
  • Day 2, KL – “After our simple breakfast we headed out to the National Mosque … Our next stop was the butterfly park, which is basically a massive net strung in the trees … Next stop was Sentral to buy our train ticket to Singapore, we got a first class ticket for the 7 hour journey for only AUD$23. Thought we’d try the public transport so got the light rail to Chinatown, very easy … We decided to catch a bus to Batu Caves, but as we don’t know the city we got a cab to the bus stop. En route the driver convinced us to let him take us the whole way … I decided to get a suit made in KL, maybe not as cheap as Bangkok but it fits in best with our travel plans … All up it cost under RM900, perhaps not the best price but still much better than Sydney and much better than Europe.
  • Day 3, KL – Singapore – “The day started early – we had to catch the 7:30am Express train to Singapore, a 7.5 hour journey … Crossing the strait into Singapore, it became clear that this was a different kind of place … our hotel in an old part of Chinatown … The purpose of our visit to Singapore was mainly to get a new camera and phone. So we headed for Sim Lim Square, the best place to get electronics.
  • Day 5, Singapore – KL – “We got up early as our bus to KL was due to depart at 8am … The bus trip, advertised as 5 hours, took 7 … When we arrived in KL we went straight to the tailor, suitcases in tow … decided just to go to the airport and hope for a flight … no more flights available that night so we booked one for the next morning …walked to the Pan Pacific hotel.
  • Day 6, KL – Langkawi – “Our flight was with Air Asia, a super budget airline … Flying into the island of Pulau Langkawi I could see a clear demarcation line in the sea where two kinds of water meet … Langkawi Village Resort has a good website.
  • Day 7, Langkawi – “Slept in, ate breakfast (fish fingers) … went for a swim but forgot the sunscreen … dinner at the hotel (satay night)
  • Day 8, Langkawi touring – “We wanted to stray away from the resort area and see a bit of the island, so we hired some motorcycles … After about 45 minutes … we arrived in the town of Kuah … riding through to the North of the island … a beach which we thought was Pillai Kok … went for a swim … went out for dinner to the Boom Boom Cafe, a Pakistani restaurant
  • Day 9, Pulau Pinang – “We slept in and had a lazy morning just swimming. We took a cab to Kuah and then caught the ferry to Georgetown (Penang) which is scheduled as a 2.5 hour journey … The purpose of our visit was to go shopping, and so we got a trishaw ride to the main shopping area. By now it was 6pm and all the shops were closed.
  • Day 10, EARTHQUAKE! – “At about 12:30AM on the 29th of March 2005 an earthquake measuring 8.4 on the Richter scale occurred off the coast of Sumatera, not too far from us … We finished up around 3:30 and went back to sleep … We got up early to catch the 8am ferry back to Langkawi … we spent the rest of the day sleeping, eating, drinking, swimming.
  • Day 11, Diving with SHARKS! – “The boat took us and 30 others to the island of Pulau Payar, a very small island about 45 minutes boat ride from Kuah … The coral was colourful but despite their promises Australia is still better.
  • Day 12, Langkawi – Kuala Lumpur – “In the morning we went for a farewell swim in the sea … flying AirAsia again … We headed over to the tailor to pick up my finished suit and shirts … agreement where I paid half and took the jacket and they will finish the pants and shirts and send them to me in the Netherlands. I will pay the other half when they arrive … a quick trip to Chinatown to haggle over some last-minute purchases … Another high speed ride to the airport and we checked in … We made it onto the plane at 23:50, just in the nick of time.
  • Day 13, Kuala Lumpur – Amsterdam – Zutphen (April 1) – “We spent 13 hours on the plane … Arrived in Amsterdam at 7:06AM on the 1st of April, 2005.

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4 Responses to Ozzies touring Malaysia

  1. Shin says:

    Oh Heritage Hotel should be a nice place. I always lepak in old railway station, waiting to see some locomotives. If you are lucky you can see 26, 25, 24, 23, YDM and the shunter 19 class all within a few hours. Of course if you go to Sentul you can see a lot of them in the derelict line and also shunters 18 and 19 class.

    The old Balai Seni Lukis Negara, which was Majestic hotel, do they have any plan to convert it into a hotel again ? When I was very young we went there and I saw the jaga who sat at the entrance was reading Utusan Melayu, the Jawi newspaper. That was so many years ago when it was still a daily newspaper unlike now.

    The current KTMB HQ, which is located across the road from old railway station, will also be converted into a hotel once their new office in Sentral is ready.

    Don’t you sense something funny in the trip itinerary of this couple ? Why do they divert to Temasek in between their days in KL, and also divert to Penang when they were in Langkawi ? They could have planned better, then save more days for Taman Negara maybe, haha 🙂

  2. sabre23t. says:

    “Trainspotter” eh, Shin? 😉 KTM’s komuter line to Port Klang is right behind my M-i-L house. Used to see loads more interesting locomotives previously. Now mostly komuters during daylight.

    Why do they divert to Temasek in between their days in KL, and also divert to Penang when they were in Langkawi ?
    Yep, I wondered about that too. I guess they really want to squeeze in Singapore and Penang, into their KL and Langkawi trips. Seems, their reasons was to shop for electronic goods in Singapore and some souvenirs in Penang. I did suggest that they could have done the same in KL and Langkawi.

    regards, sabre23t =^.^=

  3. Darryn says:

    Wow, you took a lot of time to write this, and I appreciate the comments that you posted on my blog.

    You were right, we went to Singapore mainly to get electronics and to eat chilli crab. We went to Penang to go shopping – in Langkawi most of the stuff for sale was genuine, and cost a lot more than the ‘genuine copies’ available elsewhere. Although Penang was probably not a good idea in hindsight, at least we got the experience of a 7th floor earthquake.

    I think the main thing I would do differently is get the suit made in Singapore instead of KL. I still have not received the pants and shirts and I am getting more and more convinced that they will not come. In Singapore there were tailors everywhere. Oh well, you live and learn.

    Shin is right, there was no planning in our itinerary. We arrived with the plan that we would land in KL, and we had to be back on the 31st. At some point we would go to Singapore and also spend at least 3 days on a beach. We decided that we would ‘play it by ear’ and just do whatever we felt like, at the time.

    We had a great time and I will be returning to see more of the country, first in September 2005 and then in March 2006 (when we return to Australia).

  4. sabre23t. says:

    Hi Darryn, 😉
    Wow, you took a lot of time to write this, and I appreciate the comments that you posted on my blog.
    Yep, I did take a bit of time to write it, but I enjoyed reading your posts, and wanted to get a summary of your itinerary. I hope you’ll enjoy your trip here in September 2005, where I’d guess you’d be looking a trip to the East Coast, or to our highlands resorts, or even to East Malaysia. If you’d like some pointers on the places to see, I’d be glad to. 😉
    regards, sabre23t =^.^=

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