KLIA Aerotrain upgraded at RM11m per car

The Star’s Yip Yoke Teng on 4 May 2005 reported …

KLIA Engineering Team and Bombardier Transportation Malaysia Sdn Bhd are installing one car each to the two trains, which currently have two cars …
Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Bashir Ahmad told a press briefing at KLIA that passenger movement last year rose by an overwhelming 20.56% over that in 2003 …
“The additional cars, costing RM11mil each, can accommodate 50% more passengers. The current capacity is 400 passengers per trip,â€? he said …

… I think that RM11m would be about the same cost as one car of the Putra Line 2-car trains, also built by Bombardier.

  • Partial closure of KLIA Aerotrain – The Star on 1 May 2005 reported, “Aerotrain service will be partially shut down from Tuesday to May 24 for upgrading works … During the upgrading period, there will be a 24-hour shuttle bus service to transport passengers between the Contact Pier and the Satellite Building.
  • KLIA Aerotrain – Information on the automated people-mover shuttle system (ADtranz CX-100). [note: ADtranz was acquired by Bombardier on May 2, 2001]
  • Bombardier’s Automated People Mover – about “rubber-tired Bombardier C-100 series and Bombardier Innovia people mover systems operate on a dedicated guideway“, listing projects other than KLIA’s including “Atlanta USA, Bukit Panjang Singapore, Dallas/Fort Worth USA, Denver USA, Frankfurt Germany, San Francisco USA, Seattle-Tacoma USA, Taipei Taiwan, Tampa USA

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2 Responses to KLIA Aerotrain upgraded at RM11m per car

  1. Shin says:

    so, what do you think about the prize ? should there be a difference in price between cars (with motion power) and trailer (without motion power) ? I don’t think they need every unit to be a car, don’t you think so ?

  2. sabre23t. says:

    Cars with traction power would certainly cost more than trailer cars, Shin. But I think, those third cars in KLIA Aerotrain are also powered. Though they may not necessarily have all the control devices in the other two cars, so its cost may be lower.

    The price? RM11m (about USD3m), would buy you at least two Eclipse 500 small jet planes, able to carry 6 people each at 375knots for 300 to 600 miles.

    regards, sabre23t =^.^=

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