A better Nokia clam-shell than 7200?

My significant other decided to be generous, and left her Nokia 7200 on the back seat of a taxi. Needless to say, we couldn’t get it back. So now, I’m on the market for another Nokia clamshell with the following specs …

  1. Clamshell – she really likes to physically close the phone, though a slide cover type maybe acceptable.
  2. No aerials – she keeps it in her handbag, those aerials get caught in the many things in there.
  3. Nokia – she’s already so familiar with Nokia’s menu system, and I hate to retrain her for some equally quirky but different system.

My quick search found me the following candidates …

  • Review Nokia 8910 – Mobile Review reported, “Nokia 8910 is a successor of 8850 … First of all, an exterior is made of titan.” [Nokia 8910i @my]
  • Nokia’s shining star – Nokia 8850 – The Star InTech’s Kelly Goh on 9 May 2000 reported “You just gotta hand it to these Finnish dudes. IMHO they really know how to make fine-looking handphones and the sexy Nokia 8850 is one such example.“. [Nokia 8850 @my] also [Nokia 8855 @my]
  • Review: Nokia 7270 – Mobile Phone UK reported, “another ‘fashion’ phone from Nokia … beautifully styled clamshell phone with rounded corners and made from a combination of metal, textiles and plastic.” It has a very close design features to that of the 6170. [Nokia 7270 @my]
  • Review: Nokia 6260 – Mobile Phones UK reported, “a business-orientated smartphone … One of the characteristics of the 6260’s clamshell design is the rotating screen which can be rotated to a number of positions – open, closed, facing inwards and facing outwards.” [Nokia 6260 @my]
  • Nokia 6170 review: A new generation clamshell – Marek Lutonský on 7 October 2004 reported, “The second Nokia flip phone got new untraditional look … nowadays we know already five clamshell phones from the Finnish company … 7200 … 6170 … 7270.” [Nokia 6170 @my]
  • Review: Nokia 2650 – Mobile Phones UK reported, “… released in October 2004 … has nearly identical features to the Nokia 3100 that was released 15 months earlier … It is hard to say anything very positive about this phone, and it confirms the impression that Nokia don’t yet ‘get’ clamshells. Our advice would be: ‘look elsewhere!’” [Nokia 2650 @my]
  • Nokia Phone Models Malaysia – complete collection.

Any others, I missed out?

Updated @1850h: The choice finally went to Nokia 7270, the “fashion phone”. ;-}


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