CardExAsia 2005

Today I managed to squeeze some time to visit PWTC for the annual Smartcard Exhibition running on 17-19 May 2005. My impression is that this year’s is smaller than last, or it could just be my memory. Anyway, I did find a few interesting exhibits, as well as finally applying for MyKad 😉 …

  • MyKad: The Government Multipurpose Card – had the biggest booth, with four counters for MyKad application including photo taking. There are smaller booths around it showing off MyKad applications such as: Putrajaya Hospitals putting health info in MyKad, Iris passport and MyKad kiosks, JPJ summon checking, Touch’nGo transportation card, and MEPS cash counter.
  • FEC International (M) Sdn Bhd – shows off their MM chip, that was bought by the government, and other readers and writers. I was particularly interested in their MRW-3010 Multi-protocol reader/writer containing two SAMs. Their Japanese engineer showed off how to read the 0.5mm wide MM chip when only having on-chip small antennae, also a card with three antennas connected to one MM chip giving “multiband” reception.
  • Modular Corp (M) Sdn Bhd – showed off the PMPC card application they design/implement for Bank Islam at UUM and UPM.
  • Asia Pacific Card & System Sdn Bhd – showed the smartcards and readers they manufacture in Port Klang. Their own website seem down at the moment.

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  1. surfnux says:

    hello there, thanks to your blog about this exibition that I know there is a smart card exibition going on in PWTC and its not end yet. Is it open to the public? and Any other benefit can be get from the exibition? Currently I am developing a smart card application and would like to know more about this exibition.

    Thank you before that. :p

  2. sabre23t. says:

    Yesterday and today (17 & 16) is open to “trade”, presumably an application developer is one too (a business card would do). On the 19 it’s open to public (including students).

    To a developer I would think you can benefit by; (1) seing other applications being shown there, and (2) looking at the various readers/writers and SDK shown by the vendors.

    I did see lift elevator apps, access controls apps and specific e-purse apps.

    BTW, what apps are you developing surfnux. Just curious. 😉
    regards, sabre23t =^.^=

  3. surfnux says:

    Oh ic. I am still a student and currently developing e-purse application to be implemented in wireless network environment. The e-purse covers three sample location and all centralized in one application. The locations are canteen, bookstore and mini market. I had purchased a reader together with the SDK and still about to start.

    I was thinking that this exibit may give me some experience as well as future opportunities in finding jobs. And of course some materials to be able to add on to my documentation. This application is for my final year project. :p

    You can add me in msn at surfnux[at]gmail[tod]com, perhaps I can get some details from you. So, I guess I will be visiting it on the 19th.

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