Mampujaya Engineers?

This advertisement in The Star 17 May 2005 StarTwo pullout caught my eyes. These “engineers” seems to be very proud of their ability to design factories to be built at a very competitive price ranging from RM66 psf to RM105 psf. Though they seems to be a bit more reticent regarding their website, company name, company address or phone numbers. But they do give their email addresses in the advertisement.

The Mampujaya Sdn Bhd website does give addresses and contact numbers though. They included their portfolio of buildings including Low Yat Plaza, but no mention of “SIA Changi Airport Hanger” with 1000ft clear span …


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2 Responses to Mampujaya Engineers?

  1. john smith says:

    anyones knows anything about this wonderful company’s background? Are there really that good?

  2. Robert Flack says:

    Having come thru Doha many times I guess this is needed but they due to open a new airport soon. The current Doha airport was designed for 1 airline but they now have 17 International airlines using thier limited terminal for transfers!

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