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Following up on my earlier blog, I notices this news in the local papers about the CardExAsia 2005 event. “Don’t procrastinate, says NRD”, NST 18 May 2005 reports …

   Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. That is the message the National Registration Department (NRD) has for the three million Malaysians who have yet to apply for their MyKad.
   “If customers come now, our system can manage very comfortably, but don’t come at the last moment,” NRD director-general Datuk Wan Ibrahim Wan Ahmad said …
Speaking after opening the CardEx Asia 2005 Conference and the SmartLabels 2005 Exhibition at the Putra World Trade Centre here, Wan Ibrahim said security aspects of the MyKad were “perfect”.
   “There are people who try to play with the system, people who abuse my trust, but there is nothing wrong with the system itself,” he said on the recent debate over MyKad security …
   The three-day CardEx Asia event, organised by Protemp Exhibitions Sdn Bhd, showcases 60 exhibitors, including companies from Belgium, Spain, China and Hong Kong.
   The event, in its fifth year, has attracted more than 130 delegates …


  • Sistem Kompakar Sdn Bhd – reports “17 May 2005 To 19 May 2005. Kompakar eHealth Tech will promote SmartCard and its benefits in healthcare ICT in the upcoming CardEx Exhibition at PWTC.
  • CardsNow!Asia – online site for the monthly trade magazine who is the “Exclusive Official Media Partner” for the event.
  • MasterCard & Visa Agree To A Common Contactless Protocol – CNA reports, “they have reached an agreement to share a common communications protocol and associated testing requirements for radio frequency-based contactless payments at the point of sale. This protocol is based on the MasterCard PayPassTM ISO/IEC 14443 Implementation Specification.” I wonder why unlike last year, MasterCard & Visa were not at CardExAsia.
  • Events in May, 2005 – shows the next exhibition in Malaysia will be NEPCON Malaysia 24-27 May 2005 at the Mines.

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