Garmin GPSmap 60CS

This is one seriously nice toy for a mapping junkie. 😉 It’s “only” USD534 (about RM2029) in the US, but you can get it for around RM2400 from the local Malaysian distributor. Key features …

  • Electronic compass, barometric sensor
  • Color 2.6″ LCD
  • 56MB internal RAM for maps
  • 20hrs usage with 2 AA batteries
  • Weatherproof casing

The dealer installed for me “KL Routable v2.61” and “Singapore Malaysia Phuket 2003 V mal 42B” maps. Pretty detailed around KL, but less so around Klang and Meru. Gets about ±10m accuracy using about 4 satellites with the GPSmap lying in the centre console of the car. It manages to get better accuracy ±7m using 6 satellites or so when the GPSmap is held up to open sky.


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8 Responses to Garmin GPSmap 60CS

  1. Agatha says:

    Please provide me details how to purchase this item. URGENT NEED! If possible, send us a list of malaysia distributor.

    Thank you.

  2. 8dee says:

    Wow…this must cost a bomb….

    Cool to have it but it is not very useful for me currently.

  3. KNizam says:

    wow dude,

    you really have a good blog to read. like the reviews as well.

    just a quick question, do you have any idea how i can “marry� my creative zen 20gb mp3 player with my sony digicam dscw1? i need to take pics and then transfer them from the digicam to the said mp3 player. any idea how could that be achieved?

    appreciate your feeback thru my fotopage’s blog. TQ

    another mohd shah’s house in this planet….

  4. Antyong says:

    Hi, sabre. Wuz here 😉

  5. sabre23t. says:

    Very belated response to Antyong. And also hi Stanley. 😉

  6. asi says:

    One of these days I would like to hand handle a GPS and get first hand description of its features and uses. I nearly bought a Garmin when I visited the US few years back. But then I thought I might not know to make it useful. But now with the EU setting up their own GPS through Project Gallileo, it is timely to know the technology in more detail. So, Sabre, may we can have a meet somewhere in between SJ and Shah Alam some time.

  7. sabre23t. says:

    Give me a call, I gladly give a hands on demo of how I use my 60CS to you, asi. 😉

  8. KIE says:

    OR CALL ME AT 012 272 1545

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