bLADE Wiki for Windows Mobile

bLADE Wiki on AT&T Tilt aka TyTN II.

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Wow, it’s been a busy 2007, off-the-blog. >:-}

Anyway, this bLADE Wiki for Windows Mobile is a great freeware. 😉

Works very well and it comes with a desktop version, that allows you to easily synchronize the wiki on your PPC with the wiki on you PC via Activesync. Best of all its author Dale Lane, is very responsive on his bLADE Wiki forum.


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2 Responses to bLADE Wiki for Windows Mobile

  1. deani77 says:

    Sifu Sabre,

    Been visiting this site for a year back. Now I can see new post. Don’t angry aaa…

  2. sabre23t. says:

    2007 was “interesting” time for me workwise, hence didn’t manage to post anything until the end of the year. When I realised that I will have zero posting for 2007, and I didn’t want that. 😉

    Mmm … You don’t have a blog, Deani? Or you have an “invisible” one? ;-}

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