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An analyst, researcher, civil engineer & information technologist working in a transportation company.

On Salvation

Originally posted on A Cartographer's Story:
Cartographer’s Story #1, by Daniel P. Huffman Let me tell you about how I was saved by maps. I used to be a chemist some years ago. I worked at a mom &…

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AF4 – Autofocus Version 4

Mark Forster have just finalized the latest version of his all in one task management system, Autofocus Version 4 (AF4). It is much simpler than GTD and seems more suited to the way I work. Perhaps you’ll find it is … Continue reading

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Is Papago R5800 my next GPS device?

This Papago R5800 (RM899) device goes head to head with top end Garmin Nuvi 765 (RM1299)  on features. It has junction views. It has lane assist. And it has the main advantage that Garmin devices  held so long in Malaysia/Singapore, … Continue reading

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Why Klang bus users do not want to go via Klang Sentral

Randy Lee Rahardjoe on 23apr09 asked “I cant find a reason why the Klang folk should skip the better facility in ther new terminal” One reason is they find it much quicker to get from Klang to KL Sentral, by … Continue reading

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Finally, upgraded WordPress ;-)

After procrastinating for some time, I’ve followed the step by step instructions and now on latest stable WordPress. I’ll credit my analog AF list for finally prodding me to action. 😉

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Moving hosting

Ah, I’ve finally moved from the trustee old limited space website sharing with 47 other domains to gigsgigs of space website sharing with 77 other domains. Mmm … Hope it’s not too crowded. ;-}

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