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Finally, upgraded WordPress ;-)

After procrastinating for some time, I’ve followed the step by step instructions and now on latest stable WordPress. I’ll credit my analog AF list for finally prodding me to action. 😉 Advertisements

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Moving hosting

Ah, I’ve finally moved from the trustee old limited space website sharing with 47 other domains to gigsgigs of space website sharing with 77 other domains. Mmm … Hope it’s not too crowded. ;-}

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Upgrading to WordPress 2.5?

Now I’ve moved into my new gigsgigs hosting, time to upgrade my venerable WordPress 1.5 to 2.5. Seems to have nice new features. I also look forward to install blog and comment spams protection plugins. 🙂 WordPress 2.5 new features … Continue reading

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Blogging No-no and Yes-yes

I’ll agree with 5xMoM’s 10 blogging no-no … 1) No to black background because it is overused … 2) No to lengthy post … 3) No to digress too much … 4) No to leaving the blog not updated for … Continue reading

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Bloglines is Down Today!

Since I discovered Bloglines on 19 Mar 2005, my public bloglines subscription has grown to 50+ feeds. It was certainly to my horror I found I couldn’t login into my Bloglines account today and my public bloglines sub giving error … Continue reading

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How to Blog Safely Unanonymously?

Is what I thought of when reading the EFF article (that Jon Choo post led me to) on How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else) published on 6 April 2005 … Blogs are like personal telephone calls crossed … Continue reading

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Another Weekend, Woo!

A weekend blogger is certainly what I’m becoming. Especially with my new assignment and my workplace change to an 8-to-5 five-day week. Woo, looks like I’m with good companies … WeekendBlogger – One way to find a random one of … Continue reading

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