Upgrading to WordPress 2.5?

Now I’ve moved into my new gigsgigs hosting, time to upgrade my venerable WordPress 1.5 to 2.5. Seems to have nice new features. I also look forward to install blog and comment spams protection plugins. 🙂


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I want one … U810 ;-)

What better way to start a new year, then with a new yearning? [*]
Yeah I want one of this Fujitsu U810. 😉 Only 1.5lbs, with 5″ WSVGA and all wireless connectivity, including 3G for the version at CES.

  • Deliciously Over-Engineered Gadgets Loom on the Horizon – Fujitsu u810 with “integral cellular modem”
  • CNET :Fujitsu LifeBook U810 verdict “Best ultramobile PC keyboard yet”, but can *I* touchtype on it? 😉
  • … more at del.icio.us
  • [*]both hijri and masihi year that is. ;-}

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    bLADE Wiki for Windows Mobile

    bLADE Wiki on AT&T Tilt aka TyTN II.

    Image courtesy www.chasedeluca.com

    Wow, it’s been a busy 2007, off-the-blog. >:-}

    Anyway, this bLADE Wiki for Windows Mobile is a great freeware. 😉

    Works very well and it comes with a desktop version, that allows you to easily synchronize the wiki on your PPC with the wiki on you PC via Activesync. Best of all its author Dale Lane, is very responsive on his bLADE Wiki forum.

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    TiddlyWiki 2.1.3 on Opera 8.6 for Windows Mobile 5

    I just found that TiddlyWiki 2.1.3 runs quite well on my Windows Mobile 5.0 PDAphone. It does need the USD29 (30 days trial) Opera 8.6 browser. WM5’s Pocket IE is too puny to run the JavaScript required for TiddlyWiki.

    However, the QVGA (320×240) screen resolution of WM5 PDAs does require tweaking the CSS of TiddlyWiki to be in 2 columns layout (display area + sidebar) instead of its default 3 columns layout (main menu + display area + sidebar).

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    A Gossip and Conversationalist

    A gossip is one who talks to you about other people. A bore is one who talks to you about himself. And a brilliant conversationalist is one who talks to you about yourself.

    I just read this nice quote from a John C Maxwell book, who attributes it to William King. I think this is certainly true for most people, including yours truly. Regardless whether the original quote was from William King or Lisa Kirk. ;-}

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    RapidKL City Shuttle Presence Felt

    RapidKL city shuttle buses are starting to make their presence felt in KL city centre. If not by number of passengers, at least by number of buses on the road in the city centre. Especially, the area around RapidKL’s Medan Pasar city hub, along J Hang Kasturi, near Central Market. They are also prominent at RapidKL’s Taman Maluri hub, adjacent to RapidKL’s Ampang line station (formerly known as Star LRT).

    • Making their presence felt – The Star Metro Central – 17 Jan 2006 – “There are more Rapid KL buses in the streets of Kuala Lumpur … Although it is weird to see the brand new buses running with only a few passengers”
    • Mixed response to shuttle service – The Star Metro Central – 17 Jan 2006 – “Yes, It’s true! You only have to wait five minutes to catch the Rapid KL’s City Shuttle service plying the Titiwangsa, Maluri, KLCC, Medan Pasar and KL Sentral hubs in Kuala Lumpur.”
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    RapidKL's City Shuttle for RM2 Daily

    RapidKL City Shuttle Route
    RapidKL have launched a new service called City Shuttle, serving 15 routes and 5 hubs with 138 buses. They promised 5 minutes frequency buses. So you can hop on and hop off a bus anywhere within KL City area bounded by Jalan Tun Razak for just RM2 per day. Isn’t that a good bargain? I did try them out last Sunday when it was free. 😉

    • Beginning their rounds – The Star Metro Central 14 Jan 2006 – “Commuters will only need to wait for five minutes for the shuttle buses that will run between five hubs – KL Sentral, Titiwangsa, Maluri, KLCC and Medan Pasar … There are 15 City Shuttle routes serving major roads in the city centre … They will have to pay RM2 for a daily pass that allows them to hop on and off buses for the entire day.”
    • Better bus service with city shuttle – The Star Metro Central 13 Jan 2006 – “… the City Shuttle Service was part of Rapid KL’s efforts to provide an integrated public service system within the city and the Klang Valley … would be complemented with the introduction of the services of the Trunk-Line and LocalShuttle services by June.”
    • RapidKL promises lower bus fares, faster rides – New Straits Times 9 Jan 2006 – “Commuters can expect to save up to a third on return bus fares, and cut travel time by the same amount, said [RapidKL] … There is a catch: Commuters may have to change buses more often once the Klang Valley’s transport services are fully integrated five months from now. The trade-off will benefit them … ‘To provide better service, we have cut the routes into three sections — city centre, local shuttle and trunk line,’ said Westra [RapidKL’s CEO] at a briefing today.”
    • RapidKL’s City Shuttle Detailed Maps – includes links (click on the route numbers) to stops details for each route. The same info is on their free single sheet folded brochures.
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